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Susret Publications has been around for many years now concentrating on work for the Catholic spectrum of the Western Church.
Alongside this we ran an organisation for raising funds and extra money to support church, charity, and non-profit groups and agencies.
Due to the illness and death of one of the principals the work was almost entirely put on hold, apart from a few selected clients and friends.
In this new era of severe monetary crisis, we have recognised the need for both individuals and organisations to increase their incomes.
The result is a new venture based on the experience of trusted friends and former colleagues in the United Kingdom with whom we are working very closely. We hope and expect that so doing we shall help many more people like yourselves who have the time and patience to set up businesses which will produce that background of residual income so necessary these days ... and on which we all have to depend after our retirement. One of our aims is to help people to a point at which they are able to take earlier retirement and devote their whole time to the enjoyment of family, friends, close colleagues and those good causes which provide help to so many in this needy and often impoverished world.

25 Martindale Avenue,
Surrey, UK.
GU15 1BB
Telephone 01276 500357 (United Kingdom)