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Fr Ted Today


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"A retired priest is a contradiction in terms" - so said a colleague, formerly an Anglican priest like Fr. Ted, and now a Roman Catholic one, unlike him.

This site tells you what we have to offer, our philosophy, and our desire to continue in ministry as best we can, even though Fr. Ted is a little restricted in health.

I keep in touch by e-mails, websites and other correspondence. This website is to help to spread the news,increase the numbers who read the various offerings and create a better sense of community among those who respond. there will be pictures of the work and colleagues, where possible.
It's a ministry for you!

Our Mission

Let's create a better world out of the Christian Faith working with men, women and children of good-will from all faiths and looking to help people improve their situation and become healthier in every way - mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and socially.

Getting in Touch

St. Mary's Thorpe, Surrey. Click picture to enter
Fr.Ted's Home Church for many years -

Organization News

We have a monthly newsletter, a blog, and websites to promote our work and ministry.
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Questions or comments?
Get in touch with us at

Mailing Address:

The Reverend Doctor Edward Baty, IMM,
25 Martindale Avenue, Heatherside, Camberley, Surrey. GU15 1BB

Phone: (UK + 44) (0) 1276 500357

For prayers of intercession
please e-mail with all details necessary
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