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Fr Ted Today

Fr Ted's Adventures

curriculum vitae in outline
(A few details to follow! - Don't be afraid to ask but "Let the reader beware")

Ted's Adventures (a few of them)

Family: English (Anglo-Scottish + extras) from the Border Counties with Scotland; wife German (Prussian) from an anti-Nazi family, settled in UK in 1938/9;

Two daughters: one, with four children in the USA - one USAF Provost Corps and a staff sergeant when not quite 21 and already served two tours in Iraq, one USNavy on the biggest ship of all; one son with two children in the UK.


At School: Classics + recreational Art & Science

At College: Architecture and Quantity Surveying (= Building and Construction Economics and Contract Law)

At University: History of Art, Architecture and Design, including the Design of Instruments and their Music;

Doctorate: Victorian Church Architecture;

Theology: 2 years Church of England Training + a life-time of service and learning.

Church background: Church of England.

As a layman in my 20s (after National Service) - publicist for the Church Missionary Society + Organist and Choirmaster at a small parish church down by the canal in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England - It has since been erased for a bus station!

Also for a few years Choir member at a fashionable church in Kensington (a remarkable division of labour real "Upstairs/Downstairs -Master/Servants":

upstairs 8 a.m. Holy Communion and 11 a.m. "High Matins" for the nobs and the fashionable;

downstairs 9.30 a.m. Choral Communion and 6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong for the oi polloi

Alongside this I served at another church where I was assistant organist and choirmaster (and dedicated organist for the afternoon Children’s Service and Junior Riot!).

Church Appointments:

2 year Curacy in a large suburb of York (North of England);

3 year Curacy at Chelmsford Cathedral (South of England);

4 year Vicariate in the vast housing estates to the East of London;

24 years or so as a country parson as follows:

9 years or so in Shropshire Hill country;

3yrs or so in Norfolk reorganising a large Team Ministry (flatter, combined with a Royal Air Force Chaplaincy);

12+ years in a commuter/farming village just outside Cambridge (even flatter than Norfolk, combined with an Army Chaplaincy, and teaching counselling and psychotherapy at all levels to post-graduate);

Since 1994: Retirement: Honorary Assistant Priest at St. Mary's, Thorpe

(see the website

10 years or so after retirement as a Chaplain to the Air Training Corps in Camberley.

Counselling experience - just about everything you can think of for over forty years but mainly in a Christian context; also a teaching role in the National Health Service/Local Education Service on relaxation, anxiety management and stress management. This latter was at the prestigious university teaching hospital, Addenbrookes in Cambridge - we did have our staff meetings and staff training workshops in the Hospital Board Room, but our address was a more accurate description of our probable position: "The Shed, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge;" Taught, supervised, and examined post-graduate students at St. John's College, Nottingham (Nottingham University post-graduate diploma) from start to finish of the then course.


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